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Ottawa Senators will win both home games

May 31, 2007

The Ottawa Senators looked fairly pathetic in the opening two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, as they find themselves down 2 games to none against the Anaheim Ducks. But I would put money on the Senators mounting a big comeback as the series shifts to Ottawa.

There’s no question the long layoff between the end of the East Conference final and the start of the Stanley Cup final has hurt the Senators. There’s also no question Anaheim is a great team that has thoroughly outplayed Ottawa. But Ottawa is also a great team, and they will get their legs back for Games 3 and 4.  

The NHL’s Western teams are, by and large, better than the Eatsern teams — but not this much better.


Good betting opportunity – Senators-Ducks Game 2

May 29, 2007

For anyone who has been following the Stanley Cup playoffs this spring, and who enjoys the odd sports wager, Wednesday night’s Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Ottawa Senators and Anaheim Ducks seems like a good betting opportunity.

After Anaheim’s 3-2 win over Ottawa in Game 1 on Monday, you’d think that the Senators will bounce back in Game 2. I can’t see the Senators going back to Ottawa for games 3 and 4 down 2-0. They are the favorites to win the cup, and they had an unprecedented 11 days off before the Final series got underway, so they were understandably rusty. The Ducks were coming off just six days rest, and seemed to have more jump. In Game 2, the Senators are +110 moneyline underdogs at It seems like there could be some pretty easy money to be made there.


May 28, 2007

Game 1 goes tonight and it is about bloody time I say. What the hell were we waiting for, the Ducks to heal before they could meet the rested Senators. Ya sure I understand that there is a schedule in place but come on, sticking to that schedule is unfair to the team that fought hard and eliminated their opponent quickly.

In my mind I think that games during the playoffs should be on a floating schedule. Sure that might make it tough to schedule events when the teams are in away games but so what as it is their house after all.

As far as tonight’s game goes, it really doesn’t matter as because none of my playoff pool teams are still in it. What does that tell you about my skill at calling sports? Fortunately this blog relies upon my skill with blogs and not sports. With that said, as the administrator of this sports blog I am going to offer my 2 cents on who is going to win the cup.

As a huge fan of Seinfeld I tend to agree with Jerry; in one of his routines Jerry talks about how we don’t really cheer for players but rather, we cheer for uniforms. The thought behind this is this; when a player that we likes moves to a different team we don’t really cheer for that player any more even though we liked him. That player is now in the uniform of a different team and therefore, no longer worth our devotion.

With this thought in mind I am now in a bit of a pickle as I used to like the Ducks uniform but seeing as they changed the uniform, I have to cheer on the Senators. Not really liking the capitol of Canada it is difficult for me to cheer them on. However, as a Canadian I feel duty bound to cheer on some team so I have no choice other than to cheer for the team with the best uniform which is the Senators.

With all that said… Ducks in 6.

Whatever your method for choosing the winner you can get in on the Stanley Cup betting action.


Cycling: Giro enters its last week

May 27, 2007

Today’s stage of the 2007 Giro d’Italia was the toughest of this year’s edition so far. The finish was atop of a brutal climb Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The winner was a young Italian rider Riccardo Riccò

Riccò is a teamate of Gilberto Simon who is trying to win the Giro for a third time in his career. Gibo finished the stage 37 sec down on the current leader Danilo Di Luca, thus losing precious seconds in the GC once again. Simoni is now 3min 19sec behind Di Luca.

Another top GC contender and former Giro winner, Damiano Cunego, lost some time to The Killer as well and is now fifth overall at 3min 23sec. So far, neither Cunego nor Simoni were able to challenge Di Luca at all.

Tomorrow, the riders will take a deserved rest day. Then on Tuesday they will start the final brutal week of this year’s Giro with a 189km stage into the neighboring Austria. And then on the very next day the peloton will face arguably the hardest stage of any 2007 Grand Tours. With four tough climbs spread over 142km the stage will finish atop the fearsome Monte Zoncolan, known as one of the most difficult ascents in Europe. Monte Zoncolan has an average grade of 11.9% with the steepest pitches going straight up at over 20%.

Although, the time differences in the GC aren’t very big (first six riders are within four minutes), the top contenders for the 2007 Giro title are selected. And if The Killer can survive Simoni’s and Cunego’s attacks he is very likely to win his first Giro d’Italia.

UFC Needs to Showcase Better Fighters

May 25, 2007

This weekend the UFC showcases its biggest start in Chuck the Iceman Liddell who will try to avenge his last lost to Quinton Rampage Jackson. In North America the UFC if God and everyone thinks that because it is North American it is the best. Don’t get me wrong the UFC fighters are ok but I can name about 4 different fighters in the light heavy weight division that are much better than Chuck Liddell.  There is Rampage Jackson, Mauricio “ShogunRua, Wanderlei the Axe Murderer Silva and Dan Hollywood Henderson. In the heavyweight division in the UFC there are probably about 9 fighters that would beat Randy Couture any day of the week. Check out the MMA top ten lists for both the light heavyweight division and the heavyweight division. If the UFC if suppose to be so good than how come they don’t sign the 2 best pound for pound fighters in the World Mauricio “ShogunRua and Fedor Emelianenko. So before you claim Chuck Liddell and the UFC to have the best fighters in the world you should look around first. Take a look at some MMA highlight videos of non UFC fighters

Football: Milan conquers England

May 24, 2007

For North Americans, we are talking about soccer here 🙂

With Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester marching into the Champions League semi-finals, all of England was already drunk. Well, that was couple of weeks ago. Then AC Milan beat Manchester United and Liverpool FC beat Chelsea FC to advance into yesterday’s finals in Athens, Greece. And the drama was set!

Two years ago, the same matchup in the same Champions League final took place just a bit east from Athens, in Instanbul, Turkey. The match was one of the most exciting games that ever took place at any soccer stadium. Milan was leading 3-0 only to see Liverpool to come back and run away with the trophy after a 3-4 result.

This time around that wasn’t meant to happen even though the Reds played a good game. Simply, Rossoneri couldn’t let it go again because they wouldn’t be allowed to land their plane in Milan.

Long story short – the Rossoneri beat the Reds 2-1 to claim their 5th Champions League title in the past 18 years. Thus becoming arguably the most successful football club in Europe in the recent history.

The man that went with AC through it all is Milan’s captain Paolo Maldini. In his long carrer as a professional player he never played for a different club than Milan. Hence, his father Cesare, played for AC as well, for 12 years. Now, that’s one hell of a loyal football family!

At the end, crazy tifosi got their cup and the islanders could continue in their drinking…but only to hide their tears.

Mets vs. Braves

May 23, 2007

The Mets had better bounce back against Atlanta tonight. Last night was a total embarassment. Eight hits and one run — pathetic. At least they’re still a slight favorite… totalodds

Stanley Cup Playoff Pool

May 23, 2007

What can I say I thought I was being smart by picking the Sharks and the Sabres for the final – boy was I wrong? Thinking that to be on the safe side I would also take the Red Wings with my wildcard team being the Penguins.

Now that all of my players have been eliminated from the pool I can now safely, albeit begrudgingly, cheer on the only Canadian team left in the race for Lord Stanley’s Cup, the Ottawa Senators. While I am happy that this team has finally made it out of the first round, I am not too happy that in doing so, they left me in the shallow end of a what is a drained pool… anyone got a towel?

NHL Eastern Conference Final – Ottawa Set to Rattle Sabres

May 11, 2007

Everyone since the beginning of the 2006-07 NHL season has been ga-ga over the Buffalo Sabres, and there is certainly much to be ga-ga about.

From four lines that can skate and score, to a solid defence corps, to excellent coaching led by Lindy Ruff, the Sabres proved over the season that they were going to be a formidable foe come playoff time. But they have now more than met thier match in the Ottawa Senators.

While Buffalo rolled over the Islanders and then the Rangers, the later possessing an awesome trio in Jagr, Straka and Nylander, Ottawa can roll out simply the best line in hockey: Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza. Buffalo will have all sorts of trouble containing this crew, which they did during the regular season. The stingy New Jersey Devils gave up 25 points to this trio in just five game. What are they going to do against a team that certainly gives up more chances than the Devils.

Add to this an Ottawa team that has a back end that is arguably – no, strike that – IS the BEST defensive group in the league with the likes of Redden, Meszaros, Volchenkov, Phillips, Corvo and Pressing, and it all adds up to an Ottawa victory.

Buffalo needs more seasoning, as the Ottawa has spent the past five years learing the ropes on how to lose in the playoffs. They have learned how to defend, and when to attack. Buffalo is still learning this. The 2007 playoffs is not going to be the year of the Sabres…it’s Ottawa’s year!

And no matter who comes out of the west — Anaheim or Detroit — the Senators have the goaltending, size, depth, grit, and scoring to match up with anyone.

 Ottawa ARE going to be the 2006-07 Stanley Cup Champions, the first such team from Canada to do so since the 1993 Montreal Canadiens.

 – Bobby Locke –

Poker Rooms?

May 11, 2007

I would just like to know which poker rooms you all find the best. I have tried Tiger Gaming, Pacific Poker, Absolute Poker..and a couple others. So far I find Absolute to be the best. I do the tournaments->sit and go->fun, which is free to play in the tourneys. I find the players play more like a real tourney. You don’t get so many idiots going all in with a 6-2 or whatever, I have amassed a total of 150k free chips 🙂 .

They also have freeroll tourneys with around 2-3000 players and if you win you actually win some cash. If you win, you also get an entry into a cash tourney. Not bad for nothing…who says you you can’t get something for free? If you want to play me I am BENNYBLUBALLS lol.

If you think you need to learn more before you enter tourneys, try to read up on poker strategy either online or from one of the many great poker books available.