Triathlon: $700K, the biggest prize purse in triathlon history!

June 18, 2007

Yesterday, there was the biggest prize money in triathlon history split amongst 30 people in Des Moines, Iowa. The record-breaking prize purse was thanks to the dedicated work of presenting sponsor – American grocer Hy-Vee – and is comparable to prizes of the biggest tennis tournaments.

The winner in both women’s and men’s category took home $200,000 + a new Hummer H3. The second and third got $40,000 and $25,000 respectively. The rest of the prize money was distributed until the 15th place.

So who won this thing?

The fastest woman of the day was Laura Bennett of USA, followed by an Aussie Annabel Luxford and Brazilian Mariana Ohata.

The men’s field included a former Olympic Champion Simon Whitfield from Canada and other superstars of the sport.

But the man with fastest legs was Dane – Rasmus Henning. Kiwi, Bevan Docherty who is Olympic silver medalist from Athens 2004 came in second followed by a current World Cup leader – Spaniard Javier Gomez.

Even though that this prize purse won’t happen again very soon it is nice to see that also endurance sports are getting appreciated in US along with American football or basketball.


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