Dana White: The Next Don King

July 16, 2007

Have you seen the latest numbers the UFC is making on their pay per view and revenue gates? Zuffa and the UFC are making money hand over fist. Now with rumors with an HBO deal in the works and their cross marketing shared relationship with Xyience someone is making a lot of money and that is not the fighters.

It is too bad that it is not the UFC fighters like former UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre or the recent The Ultimate Fighter Reality TUF show contestant Rashad Evans.

Despite the rise in UFC pay per views and ticket receipts, Dana White is not paying his fighters the amount they deserve. For example, in UFC 59 Terry Martin got paid 2000 to fight.

You have to realize that fighters that take these fights know they are to fighting the UFC about 3 month in advance so basically Terry Martin gets 650 per month minus taxes.

Does that seem like a good deal to train everyday for 3 month? What if you get injured than you get paid nothing? Dana White is fast become this centuries Don King. If you want to read more about UFC fighter salaries read UFC: It’s Time to Pay Up by Greg Miller or check out MMA Weekly for their UFC salary disclosure

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