UFC 74 Respect

July 26, 2007

Mandalay Bay hosts UFC 74 Respect on August 25, 2007 at 7PM PT. UFC 74 should prove to be a face pounding night of fun. Here are the top 2 fights on the card.

Randy Couture (15-8-0) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (8-1-0)

Randy “The Natural” Couture recently beat Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight Championship in a unanimous decision; on March 3rd. Randy’s putting his title on the line against Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga who recently knocked Mirko Cro Cop right the F%#K OUT! Randy is a world class wrestler with an excellent clinch who likes to stand up to his opponents and pound away. Napao is a large strapping individual he’s 6’1”, 242lb while Randy is 6’2” 220lb. Randy can handle heavy fighters, as he’s proven against Silva who was 255lb when they fought. Napao is a striker and submission specialist, he’s got the power to drop you in a heartbeat. Couture is the fans favorite in this one, when he beat Silva everyone was so happy for him. I would like to see Randy win. Unfortunately Randy is currently the underdog in this fight. Bodog.com has Gabriel Gonzaga (-135) and Randy Couture (+105) as the underdog.

Josh Koscheck (11-1-0) vs. Georges St-Pierre (13-2-0)

Canada’s favorite George “Rush” St-Pierre takes on Josh Koscheck in a welterweight battle. St-Pierre recently lost his last fight to Matt Serra in an embarrassing fight. St-Pierre has beaten some seriously good fighters in the past and is looking to get his title back. Rush excels in takedowns, his ground-n-pound is exceptional and he has some serious strength. His opponent will be Josh Koscheck who is an athletic fighter who can go the distance and is a wrestling style fighter. His last fight against Diego Sanchez was an absolute bore. He respected his opponent too much and didn’t want to initiate anything. St-Pierre is 5’10”, 170lb while Koscheck is 5’10”, 170lb, so they’re pretty much the same in this department. If Koscheck had troubles with Sanchez he’s definitely going to have a hard time against St-Pierre. Bodog.com has George St-Pierre (-240) and Josh Koscheck (+190) as the underdog.

By Scooter


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