Poker in Eastern Europe: Popularity Rises

August 27, 2007

Being an occasional home games poker player I am missing some action while on a trip in Europe. So the other day I browsed through all sorts of TV channels to see whether I can watch some professional poker. And I could, even in my native language – Slovak.

I am currently visiting Slovakia, an eastern European (former communist) country, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw poker on their TV. The tourney was from PartyPoker tour, or something like that, but the cards where the same :))

I wasn’t aware about popularity of poker in eastern European countries at all but now I am getting some “inside” look. Of course it isn’t like in North America where you can talk poker strategy with almost anyone on the street but surely poker is getting more attention over here.

I’ll be keeping my eye on people to see whether poker topics are discussed at least occasionally. If not I will try to seed some poker enthusiasm within eastern Europeans thus we can enjoy a more competitive poker in the future which can be assured only by an increasing poker players’ base around the world.

Stanoo Calista


One Response to “Poker in Eastern Europe: Popularity Rises”

  1. Hey Stanoo – Hope the trip is going well and that you find a game or two over there.

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