Betting the U.S. Open Tennis Championships

August 29, 2007

Betting on the U.S. Open Tennis Championships is quite different than betting on most major sports events, largely because of the sheer size of the tournament.  

In both men’s and women’s competition, there are 127 matches played on either side over two weeks before the champion is declared. So, while betting on the outright winner is still the most popular wager with the smaller bettors, a lot of the big action is on the singles matchups played throughout the U.S. Open – the matches played leading up to the finals. 

For example, at, the list of matchups for Wednesday, Aug. 29 lists 10 matches on the men’s side. You can bet on Rafael Nadal, one of the overall favorites, to beat Alun Jones, but with moneyline odds of -5000 for Nadal, you would make very little profit on a win. On the other hand, if Jones does the unthinkable and knocks off Nadal, you could get rich on +2500 odds. You might be better off wagering on the Olivier Rochus (+120) Robby Ginepri (-150) match. 

But as is almost always the case, most bettors will wait for the semis and the finals and put their money on the big favorites, like defending champion Roger Federer, Nadal, or maybe Andy Roddick.  

But between now and Sept. 9, take a look at the matchups day to day, and maybe you’ll have more money to bet on the final. 

Nick Bailey


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