– Whose nightmare is it anyway?

August 29, 2007

The other day the site went down. A quick little email went out telling all of their members and affiliates that this was a temporary problem. The next day when the site was still down the speculation as to why started to show up in various blogs and industry related forum threads.

I can not claim to have any inside knowledge here but some of the things I have read are…
The domain has been high jacked and is being held for ransom by those pesky evil doing Russians, who ever they might be. The reasons offered vary quite a bit but I think that that the most prevalent was for phishing.

Another interesting reason offered on the threads has to do with a court case involving patent infringement. It is suggested that there was a 48 million dollar default judgment against and awarded to 1st Technologies whoever they might be. I am not sure what part of the patent was infringed upon as I am not about to read the application as I have more important things to do like watch the grass grow and some paint dry but, this thread seems a little far fetched to me. Who wouldn’t send someone to represent their company when it was being sued for 48 million bucks?

Whatever the reason for these sites going down is not as important as the effort it is going to take to replace all of the tracking codes by affiliates. If you are an affiliate of bodog’s and you have 1 site this will still take a bit of time. For some companies that are considered to be super affiliates, this represents a lot of work as they may need to edit thousands of pages across many sites.

Fortunately for me I don’t have to worry about that but there are guys in the office that do which reminds me… I better go make sure they are doing just that.

E. Zack Lee


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