Steelers (3-0) vs Cardinals (1-2)

September 26, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Pick Record: 4-1
The Arizona Cardinals will host the Pittsburgh Steelers at M&T Stadium on September 30, 2007.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to go 4-0 for a commanding first place lead in the AFC North. QB Ben Roethlisberger (46-77, 563yds, 6td) is playing just like he was when they were Super Bowl Champs. Ben is 11-1 against the NFC with 16 touchdowns. WR S.Holmes (8rec, 157yds) and H.Miller (10rec, 151yds) seems to be the favorites that Ben likes to throw to. RB W.Parker (74car, 368yds) and N.Davinport (19car, 136yds) are working the ground-n-pound game nicely. In week 1 the Steelers demolished The Cleveland Browns 34-7. In week 2 Pitt spanked the Buffalo Bills 26-3 and in week 3 they swallowed San Fran 37-16, in fact RB Parker was the lead rusher in the NFL with 133yds .

The Arizona Cardinals are having problems deciding who’s going to be their QB. Matt Leinart (46-85, 454yds, 2td) stunk it up against Baltimore and was replaced by Kurt Warner, who threw for 258yds and had 2tds. The coach of the Cardinals has insisted that Leinart’s their man and their sticking with him. IDIOTS! Although they will use Warner in brief stretches they say. The sure thing for the Cards is their running game. RB E.James (60car, 277yds,2td) is doing great but against the Steelers wall of a defense there’s no way. WR A.Boldin (22rec, 286yds, 3td) and L.Fitzgerald (15rec, 192yds) just got these stats pushed up by Warner so don’t be fooled.

The Steelers are going to roll right through Arizona. Go to to get in on the action.


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