Seahawks vs Redskins

January 2, 2008

By Scott Burgess
Kick Off: Sat, Jan 05, 2008 4:30 PM ET
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The Seattle Seahawks(-3 1/2) play host to the Washington Redskins(+3 1/2), at Qwest Field, for a NFL Wildcard Playoff game.

The Seattle Seahawks (10-6) suffered a bad loss last week to the Atlanta Falcons, 41-44 on the road. They pulled a lot of their starters after the first half, but still it’s the Falcons. The Hawks played all of their defensive starters and they still allowed the most points in four years. Now word has it that QB Matt Hasselbeck has injured his wrist, but he’ll still start. Same with their best WR Deion Branch, who didn’t play Week 16, has a tweaked calf. Their running game has gone to hell, with RB Sean Alexander scoring his first TD in four games last week. The best thing going for the Seahawks this weekend is the fact their playing at home where their 7-1.

The Washington Redskins (9-7) are on a serious roll after the death of Sean Taylor and their new QB John Collins. They’ve won four in a row and the recently beat the Dallas Cowboys, 27-6, at home to clinch a Wildcard spot. They absolutely dominated the Cowboys in every which way. There’s something more that the Redskins are playing for than just getting the win, they want to win it ALL for Sean Taylor. The Skins have been playing superbly in their passing and rushing game and their defense is always a wall.

Bottom Line: The Seahawks have lost all momentum going into the playoffs while the Redskins are burning up the league. The Skins are firing on all cylinders on offense and defense, but they’ll have to watch out for the twelfth man on the field. THE CROWD!

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3 Responses to “Seahawks vs Redskins”

  1. Ekul Says:

    The Seahawks will roll on Saturday. Ture they gave up a lot of points in basically a preseason game against the Falcons in the last week of the season, but no ture that their starting defense played the whole game. They played the first half and then the majority of the starters including the four starts that will also start in the Pro Bowl all sat in the second half. Momentum doesn’t mean a thing in the NFL, they’re pro’s and when it’s time to lace’em up the Hawks will sore even with Sean Taylors spirt looming above.

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  3. kevin Says:


    Seahawks will destroy the Redskins.

    I dont give a crap that the redskins have momentum. there 12th man is not even the only reason.

    Matt hasselbeck will easily find open recievers b/c of the redskins blitzing with 5 guys.

    their running game is getting better each week…but on the pass they rely.

    I think they will destroy them. oh, and im not even from seattle

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