Hockey Fights

January 21, 2008

If the NHL is good for 1 thing it is good for watching fights. These guys get so wound up with emotion that it often manifests itself into fisticuffs and for some reason; some people, especially Americans, are offended by this. To me this just doesn’t make any sense given all of the violence and crime related programming on American television. Don’t believe me? Tune into A&E one day and make note of all of the shows on there during the day, CSI this and CSI that, The First 48, American Justice and Cold Case files to name but a few. Perhaps the reason Americans don’t tune into hockey is because it actually isn’t violent enough?

To those who think that it isn’t violent enough and for those who think it is just another part of the action packed game, check out the video from a game between the Ottawa Senators and the Philadelphia Flyers and let me know what the hell is wrong with this product?

E. Zack Lee


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