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Inglewood Jack – Jules the Pulp Fiction Coach

April 25, 2008

Pulp Fiction was a great movie and this film was inspired, in part, by this great movie by Quentin Tarantino. Starring in this viral video is Samuel L Jackson and the one and only Chris Chelios.

Chris reflects on his early days in hockey and some of the coaches he had. Chris goes on to describe his favorite coach, Jules Winnfield and his particular style of coaching.

Dave Nonis Fired – Vancouver Canucks

April 15, 2008

The Vancouver Canucks announced today that Dave Nonis has been relieved of his duties as the team’s General Manager & Sr. Vice-President.

One down and one more to go!

All we got to do now is get rid of the other dead weight management type Alain Vigneault, once that is done maybe we can get this team moving in the right direction again.

E. Zack Lee

Hell’s Kitchen 4 Betting Odds

April 10, 2008

Chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the finest chefs out there or so we are told. Myself I will eat just about anything as long as the texture isn’t too bad. Anyway – his reality TV show; Hell’s Kitchen is one the more entertaining reality shows out there even if a good percentage of it is bleeped out due to his foul mouth.

Seems such a waste watching it on Fox as one can’t truly appreciate the full flavor of this program when most of the spice is edited out. I actually watch the reruns on the cooking channel because they have to balls to leave in all of the colorful language. American television is really quite silly as they will show someone getting their head blown off on a TV drama but they bleep out the words God or Damn and I ask you – which is worse or more offensive?

As much as I like the show and Gordon Ramsay, I really have to question their contestant selection process as it seems they look for people who will screw up the most. Can’t they find chefs that have even a little competency or the ability to cook an egg or fry some fish while under pressure? Oh well the formula seems to be working for them so I guess they won’t change it.

This year we have another batch of cooks that seem to be less than qualified in the kitchen (Petrozza) or in human interactions (Jen). As usual the online sportsbook community is once again offering up betting odds on which of these chefs will be the latest winner of Hell’s Kitchen.

Here are the odds for the remaining chefs as put out by

Christina 4/1
Corey 13/1
Jen 6/1
Rosann 7/1
Shayna 16/1
Vanessa 17/2
Ben 13/2
Bobby 20/1
Craig 8/1
Jason 18/1
Louross 5/1
Matt 20/1
Petrozza 15/1

E. Zack Lee

Bet the Final Four “Live” at Sportingbet

April 3, 2008

Sportingbet, the publicly traded UK-based sportsbook, is offering College Basketball Betting fans In-Game “Live” betting for the Final Four and the 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game.

A feature not offered by most sportsbooks – particularly for major events like the Final Four – Sportingbet’s Live betting allows bettors to ‘watch and wager’ as the game progresses. Sportingbet is available for non-U.S. clients only.

The Final Four, the biggest betting event after the Super Bowl, gets going Saturday with the Memphis Tigers, winners of the South Region, taking on the West Region champion UCLA Bruins in the first matchup at the Alamodome in San Antonio (6:05 pm ET, CBS).

Memphis is a 2-point favorite at is also offering Game Total (Odd or Even) betting for the Memphis-UCLA tilt (Odd -100, Even -110).

The other Final Four game has the Midwest Champion Kansas Jayhawks taking on East Region winner North Carolina Tar Heels (8:45 pm ET, CBS).

The Tar Heels are a 3-point favorite at

An interesting side note to this Final Four matchup is the unique NCAA Tournament history the teams share. North Carolina and Kansas faced each other in the NCAA Tournament title game 51 years ago. North Carolina won the 1957 championship 54-53 in triple overtime, and future NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain, playing for Kansas, was named tournament MVP.

Operating out of regulated and licensed markets since 1998, SportingBet has been listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since 2001. SportingBet is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Commission in the Channel Islands off the coast of England.

CONTACT INFO – North America – Greg Taylor, Big Juice Media Inc. Phone 1-604-472-0944 ext 101.

New Hockey Stick for Luongo

April 1, 2008

News just came out of the Vancouver Canucks leadership that they have decided to equip the Canuck goalie – Roberto Luongo – with a new stick!

Roberto Luongo's new hockey stickThe major reason for this decision has not come due to the star goalie’s inability to stop pucks from entering his own net but rather from his inability to put pucks into opponent’s net – inability to score.

This may come as a surprise to many of you hockey fans since what does a goalie have to do with scoring. Well, in Vancouver it may be the key component they are missing in order to produce some potent and enjoyable hockey games.

The logic behind this decision goes like this:

“The best player on our team is the goalie; In fact he is the best goalie in the whole league! So let’s exchange his fat stick for a proper shooting one and he may become the best scoring player on our team; In fact he may be the next Ovechkin!”

It is a good reasoning and I won’t argue that; In fact I said this in January. And it makes total sense because when things are going not so well you should try to do everything with every player you have.

Viva new Luongo’s hockey stick!

Stanoo Calista