Hockey Betting Sure Winner

January 15, 2009

It seems that there is one sure bet in sports betting these days and that is if you bet against the Vancouver Canucks winning any game they are playing. The Canucks GM wasted ½ of the season waiting for the past his prime center Mats Sundin. Sure he was a hell of a hockey player but he never really helped the Toronto Maple Leafs win anything of significance so what makes him think he will do anything for the accolade starved Canucks?

While I am at it what about that useless coach Alain Vigneault? Sure the Canucks’ best player Roberto Luongo has been injured for the past 20 games or so but what about the rest of the team, have they not been playing and practicing for all that time? Sure the players have to take some of the heat for how bad they suck at the power play and the penalty kill but really does it not reflect more on poor management? And how about the ineffectiveness of this team on the shoot out, what’s that al about?

Sad to say that as far as betting on hockey games goes the only sure bet is that the Vancouver Canucks are not going to win their games, home or away, so why not make some money on a sure thing.

The Canucks suck and they always will because the Vancouver fan base will continue to support mediocrity by continuing to sell out this over priced, under performing bunch of junior players dressed up as professionals.

It is like I have always said…

it doesn’t matter how big of a super star you bring to Vancouver in the end all you are doing is turning him into a Canuck!”

E. Zack Lee


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