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Odds for next City to get NHL Franchise

May 8, 2009

Say what you will about the Phoenix Coyotes successes and failures over the years; just say them quickly because it appears they won’t be around too much longer.

I am not sure why this team was moved from Winnipeg in the first place as it obviously had a better fan base than it does in the dessert city or any other southern American city for that matter. To me it just doesn’t make sense to try to force feed a sports league on country that just isn’t interested.

Will Gary Bettman finally clue in to the fact that you can not find a bigger fan base for an NHL team than a Canadian city? My bet is he won’t, he will probably do something even crazier like move the team to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

While a move to the small Caribbean nation may seem like a long shot I put it at about even odds with this hockey franchise moving to a Canadian city. Fortunately for you my gambling friends see things a little differently as they are offering betting odds on which Canadian city is going to get the Phoenix Coyotes.

Hamilton 3/1

Winnipeg 7/2

Victoria 4/1

Quebec City 6/1

Halifax 8/1

Sherbrooke 10/1

Regina 10/1

Charlottetown 25/1

E. Zack Lee

135th Kentucky Derby field wide open so who should you take?

May 1, 2009

The 135th Kentucky Derby, the first leg of thoroughbred horse racing’s Triple Crown, takes place Saturday and bettors have a wide-open field from which to choose.

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