NFL Season Preview: Cleveland Browns

July 31, 2010

The Cleveland Browns are trying desperately to find something to bring success to Cleveland. They were only able to win 4 games last year and changes need to be made. Unfortunately the addition of Jake Delhomme may have been more desperate than productive.

Delhomme was once a solid quarterback for the Panthers. He was never seen as a guy that would carry the squad through the season, but he was good enough to win games if the right pieces were around him. He was not able to continue on in the pattern in the recent past in Carolina. The Browns signed him in hopes that he would bring some veteran leadership to Cleveland, but his signing might have been a bit of a stretch.

The Running game will be led by Jerome Harrison out of Washington State. Harrison has been in the league for several years now, but previous to last season he had only compiled a little more than 400 rushing yards in his career. He did manage to rush for almost 900 yards last year, but he is far from a franchise back at this point.

The Browns will probably be looking to use this year as a rebuilding year rather than a season to make a run at the playoffs. They simply do not have the talent necessary to compete in a division with so many strong teams.

The 2010 season will probably result in another draft pick in the first several picks of the NFL Draft for the Cleveland Browns.


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