Washington Redskins: NFL Season Preview

August 13, 2010

Despite a very poor season in 2009, the Washington Redskins have high hopes in 2010. The team have made a change that they think will make all of the difference even though they struggled to score points.

A lot of hype to the Redskins will be brought by the addition of Donovan McNabb this year. The Eagles made it to the NFC Championship game several times and were led year in and year out by McNabb. To carry a team for stretches, McNabb has the passing skills and mobility. Whether or not McNabb still is the type of quarterback that can carry a team for a whole season is the only question. As Washington had a lot of struggles last year, he may need to in there.

Three former pro bowl running backs are featured in the running game of the Redskins. At some point and time, each of these backs was a premier player in the league. It seems that each of them is on the downfall is the real problem.

Clinton Portis will take the majority of the load as it is appeared of the three. Portis only was able to play 8 games last year and is just one season removed from a 1400-yard effort in 2008. The Redskins will need Willie Parker and Larry Johnson to step in and carry the load, if Portis does not come back at full strength.

The ‘Skins are lacking a true number one but have a few tools at wide receiver. As for most of his career McNabb was without a number one option may not be a concern for though,.

you can expect the ‘Skins to carry home more than 4 wins even though they are probably not destined for glory in 2010.


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