Jorge Rivera and Alessio Sakara will Take One Each Other at UFC 122

November 11, 2010

At UFC 122, Jorge Rivera and Alessio Sakara will take one each other. In Germany this event will take place. This is only the UFC’s second visit to Germany. This should be an excellent matchup as these fighters will be fighting at 185 pounds.

To this point, both of these fighters have had successful MMA careers. Out of his 25 opportunities, Rivera has managed 18 wins. Out of his 22 matches, Alessio Sakara has won 15. They have both not been quite as dominant in their matches within the UFC, while these records are impressive. Rivera and Sakara both fighters are over .500 the record, even though 6-4 for Sakara and 8-5 for Rivera do not sound nearly as impressive as their records outside of the UFC.

The momentum that Rivera has gained recently has been the key for him. He has bounced back after losing 5 of his first 10 UFC matches. With a 3 fight-winning streak, Rivera will enter this matchup.

With several victories in a row, Sakara has likewise strung together. In his MMA career, even though he had hit a rough patch, he has bounced back with 3 consecutive wins at all. With a lot of momentum behind these fighters, they will both enter the ring.

As most people thought it would take place several events ago, this fight will be highly anticipated one. Even though they were initially scheduled to square off in UFC 118, Rivera sustained a broken arm and was unable to take part in the event.


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