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Weekend Clash Between New Jersey Devils And Philadelphia Flyers

January 21, 2011

This weekend, to battle against the Flyers the New Jersey Devils will head to Philadelphia Flyers. As these two teams have had nearly opposite seasons, this should be a very lopsided game.

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With a record of 30-11-5 on the season, the Flyers sit atop the Atlantic Division. They are atop the entire conference, having 65 points. This year the Devils have had a lot of struggles for now. Having 29 points overall, they are just 13-29-3 on the season.

On both sides of the game, the Flyers have been very good. By averaging 3.4 goals per game, they have the best offense in the NHL. Their center Danny Briere is leading their offense attack. On the season, Briere has 24 goals and 17 assists. In the NHL in terms of goals allowed per game at 2.6, they are also the 10th best team.

This season the Devils have not had nearly the offensive success of the Flyers. In the league they are the 30th best offense. They do not have a player on their team that has scored more than 13 goals this season as they have averaged just 2 goals a game.

Even though if Patrik Elias can orchestrate the offensive attack they will have a chance at breaking through the defense of the Flyers, the Devils will have a hard time in this game. Everything indicates that Flyers will win this game, what being said. If the New Jersey Devils are going to keep up, they will need a big breakout performance from one of their players.

Saturday Clash Between Virginia Cavaliers And Duke Blue Devils

January 13, 2011

This Saturday, the Virginia Cavaliers will clash with the Duke Blue Devils. To this point in the season, the Blue Devils are currently the top ranked team in the nation and have shown little sign of weakness. The Blue Devils look to keep rolling behind the leadership of Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler as they have already won their first 15 games. On the season, the Cavaliers are currently 10 -6.

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When previewing this matchup, the Cavaliers appear to be overmatched. In almost every category, the Blue Devils are one of the top teams in the NCAA. By averaging 88 points a game, the Blue Devils shoot nearly 50 percent from the field. Their great ball movement is the key of their offensive success. In assists per game, the Blue Devils are the 20th best team in the nation.

That does not appear to have any particular feature of the game, what the Cavaliers are proficient at. On 43 percent shooting, the team averages just 64 points per game. At 11.5, they are 279th in the nation in assists per game. The Cavaliers are just 298th in the nation in rebounds per game at 32.1, in spite of being a very poor shooting team.

The Cavaliers did have a win over 17th ranked Minnesota that will give them hope even as they have not looked particularly good this season. Whether the team that beat Minnesota will show up, or if the team that lost to Washington by 43 will show up, is the only question and all signs point towards Duke winning this game.

Super Bowl Playoff History Of New York Jets

January 6, 2011

In the history of their franchise the New York Jets have recently qualified for the playoffs for the 14th time. The majority of the team’s playoff appearances have been in the last two decades, while the franchise has been in existence since the year 1960.

On Saturday, the Jets play the Indianapolis Colts and are favorites in NFL betting super bowl odds.

In the NFL on the a regular basis the Jets have become one of the best teams as they have qualified for the playoffs 6 times since the beginning of the 21st century. They have not been able to have the type of success in the playoffs that they’d hope for, even as they have really turned things around as of late.

Since the Jets last made their way to the Super Bowl it has been more than 40 years. In the times of the AFL, that Super Bowl appearance actually came. The Jets thus qualified for the Super Bowl against the winners of the NFL Championship as they managed to win the AFL.

By the famous Joe Nam the Jets were led to Super Bowl. In what is one of the classic football games of all time, the team managed to win the Super Bowl behind Namath.

The fans of the Jets had little to cheer for after that time. Even though they did manage to turn things around in the 1980’s, they did not make the playoffs at all in the 1970s. The Jets left a foundation for the team to build up to what it is today as they qualified for the playoffs 4 times in the 1980s.