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Friday Clash Between Los Angeles Dodgers And Chicago Cubs

April 19, 2011

Los Angeles DodgersThis weekend the Los Angeles Dodgers will battle against the Chicago Cubs. The series will take place in Chicago and this will be a 3 game series.

To win the 2011 World Series, MLB odds have The Dodgers at 40-1 and the Cubs at 45-1.

As they are both barely under the .500 mark on the year these teams are both struggling this season. Even though they are below .500 while playing on the road, both teams are .500 at home. In the series this should give the Cubs a slight advantage.

The Dodgers have actually been one of the worst teams in their division in terms of ERA while they are known for having a solid pitching staff. Compared to the 52 runs they have scored so far they have allowed 78 runs on the season. If they hope to take this series they will need their bats to pick up and their pitching to be more effective.

Although the Cubs have at least had more success on offense than the Dodgers, they are suffering from some of the same issues that the Dodgers are. For this series the Cubs will send Coleman, Dumpster and Zambian to the mound. Although Dumpster and Zambian are veterans and have had should stabilize as the season progresses, none of these pitchers have been especially good this season.

On the mound the Dodgers will have Billingsley, Lilly and Kuroda. Although Billingsley has been up and down this season, he is seen by many to be an ace caliber pitcher. If the Dodgers hope to compete for the playoffs this season they need him to step up.

Friday Clash Between Chicago Blackhawks And Detroit Red Wings

April 7, 2011

This weekend the Detroit Red Wings will battle against the Chicago Blackhawks and the game will be played in Detroit.

In the Western conference the Blackhawks are in a tight race for the last playoff spot. In NHL Betting, The Red Wings are at 15-1 to win the Stanley Cup.

It seems that hockey does not have as firm of a rule while in most sports it seems that home field advantage is an extremely important advantage. There are several teams that are much better playing away from their home crowd while there are definitely teams that play better at home than on the road.

One of the teams that play better away than they do at home are the Detroit Red Wings. They are 21-13-6 while playing in Detroit even as they are 25-10-4 playing away from Detroit. By putting up a record of 19-12-9 on the season away from their home ice, the Blackhawks are a solid road team as well.

As the season closes out, the Blackhawks are in desperate need of victories. The Flames and Stars are the two teams that are hot on their tails. With 93 points the Blackhawks are in the 8th position in the Western Conference Standings. Both the Flames and Stars are at 91 points. If the Blackhawks are unable to finish things out the right way, they could lose their spot in the playoffs.

Having won their last two games the Red Wings will come into the game with some momentum. If the Blackhawks lose this game, they have lost 2 in a row and they are in serious danger of slipping out of the playoff picture for now. Blackhawks to come out with an inspired effort look for them in this game.