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Tom Brady: From Sixth Round Draft Pick to NFL MVP

October 12, 2011

Tom Brady’s career in the NFL began unceremoniously. He was drafted by the New England Patriots who already had a well established quarterback in Drew Bledsoe. Tom Brady started his first NFL season as a fourth option for the Patriots in 2000 but by the end of his first year he climbed into the No. 2 starter position. Brady saw little action, going 1 for 3 for six yards.

2001 was an unlikely turning point in the career of the 199th NFL Draft pick. Brady started the season behind Drew Beldsoe but quickly was thrown into the spotlight after Bledsoe suffered internal bleeding after a vicious sideline hit.

The rest of the story is movie of the week material. Brady, who was once seventh on the depth chart for the Michigan Wolverines in college, was no starting for the New England Patriots. Bill Belichik designed the Patriots offense around the young Brady. He allowed him to take some chances but also played a conservative offense in key situations to keep his young quarterback out of trouble and flush with confidence.

Brady went on to win the Super Bowl in his first full season and capped it off by winning the Super Bowl MVP Award as well. Brady has won the Super Bowl MVP Award twice and he has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories.

If Brady can stay healthy he has a opportunity to break some of the most respected quarterback records in the NFL. Brady is showing no signs of letting up as his career enters the inevitable down cycle for veteran quarterbacks.

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