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Hughes vs St.Pierre

November 28, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: Sat, Dec 29, 2007 10:PM ET
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Fresh off the press, Matt Hughes will fight Georges St.Peirre in UFC 79 Nemisis, at Mandalay Bay.

The fight was originally supposed to be Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes but Serra suffered a herniated disc in his back and he’s unable to fight. When St.Pierre heard about what happened he personally called UFC President Dana White and said “Let’s get it on.”

George St.Pierre is pound for pound one of the most well conditioned, well rounded, strongest and most feared fighter in the UFC. He’s walked on guys like Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, Sean Sherk, Karo Parisyan and Josh Koscheck. He either wins by TKO or submission. St.Pierre beat Hughes in UFC 65 by TKO. Hughes was dominated by St.Pierre the whole time. He was taking kicks, punches, jumping punches and Hughes couldn’t do anything about it. Every time Hughes tried to take down St’Pierre, he wouldn’t let him.

Matt Hughes is also a very tough fighter with many quality fights under his belt. He’s beaten St.Pierre, B.J. Penn, Royce Gracie, Sean Sherk and most recently, in UFC 68, Chris Lytle. Hughes domination of Lytle wasn’t unexpected but he showed something extra special. It looked like his training with Jeremy Horn paid off. Hughes beat St.Pierre in UFC 50 by submission, back in 2004.

Bottom Line: It’s going to be a serious battle in the Octagon with many hard punches and submission attempts. Both are great on the ground, but St.Pierre is better at not being taken down. Whether not having enough time to train is an issue for St.Pierre or not he is the favorite. To bet the MMA go to BodogLife now.

Silva vs Alexander

November 15, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: Sat, Nov 17, 2007 10:00 PM ET
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UFC 78 Validation gets under way this weekend with Thiago Silva (+130) taking on Houston Alexander (-160), at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

This fight is going to leave someone knocked out and gasping for air. Thiago Silva comes from the famed Chute Boxing camp which trained Anderson Silva. Silva’s a fast and furious fighter with a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu who can KO an opponent in seconds. The one place you don’t want to be when fighting Silva is on the ground, where is excels at submissions. Houston Alexander is a show no mercy fighter that has KO’d his opponents before the end of the 1st round, or sometimes before the first minute. You can say that he’s a knockout artist. He’s beaten Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara both by KO in the first. If this fight goes past the first round, or takes place on the ground, Alexander may be in trouble. Although both fighters are capable of the KO, you never know who’s got the weaker chin. I like Thiago Silva to defeat Alexander!

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UFC 77 – Sylvia vs Vera

October 15, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: PPV Sat, Oct 20, 2007 10:00 PM ET
UFC 77 Hostile Territory gets under way this weekend from US Bank Arena in Ohio.

Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia (+140) takes on Brandon “The Truth” Vera (-170) in a battle of the Heavyweights. Sylvia is a tubby standup fighter with a good takedown defense. He recently lost his Heavyweight title to Randy Couture in UFC 68. In this fight Sylvia showed nothing special besides standing and punching, but acted more like a punching bag more than anything.
His opponent is Brandon Vera who’s got superb kicks, elbows, knees and he’s got good grappling skills. His MMA record is 8-0 and his last fight was in UFC 65 in which he defeated Frank Mir.

Sylvia’s a big, slow and tubby fighter that may be on the decline in the UFC. Fighters in the UFC need more than a punching style of fighting, they need MMA skills. Vera definitely has those skills and is thereby the favorite in my eyes. Bet on Vera to win! To bet the UFC go to BodogLife now.

UFC 74 Respect

July 26, 2007

Mandalay Bay hosts UFC 74 Respect on August 25, 2007 at 7PM PT. UFC 74 should prove to be a face pounding night of fun. Here are the top 2 fights on the card.

Randy Couture (15-8-0) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (8-1-0)

Randy “The Natural” Couture recently beat Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight Championship in a unanimous decision; on March 3rd. Randy’s putting his title on the line against Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga who recently knocked Mirko Cro Cop right the F%#K OUT! Randy is a world class wrestler with an excellent clinch who likes to stand up to his opponents and pound away. Napao is a large strapping individual he’s 6’1”, 242lb while Randy is 6’2” 220lb. Randy can handle heavy fighters, as he’s proven against Silva who was 255lb when they fought. Napao is a striker and submission specialist, he’s got the power to drop you in a heartbeat. Couture is the fans favorite in this one, when he beat Silva everyone was so happy for him. I would like to see Randy win. Unfortunately Randy is currently the underdog in this fight. has Gabriel Gonzaga (-135) and Randy Couture (+105) as the underdog.

Josh Koscheck (11-1-0) vs. Georges St-Pierre (13-2-0)

Canada’s favorite George “Rush” St-Pierre takes on Josh Koscheck in a welterweight battle. St-Pierre recently lost his last fight to Matt Serra in an embarrassing fight. St-Pierre has beaten some seriously good fighters in the past and is looking to get his title back. Rush excels in takedowns, his ground-n-pound is exceptional and he has some serious strength. His opponent will be Josh Koscheck who is an athletic fighter who can go the distance and is a wrestling style fighter. His last fight against Diego Sanchez was an absolute bore. He respected his opponent too much and didn’t want to initiate anything. St-Pierre is 5’10”, 170lb while Koscheck is 5’10”, 170lb, so they’re pretty much the same in this department. If Koscheck had troubles with Sanchez he’s definitely going to have a hard time against St-Pierre. has George St-Pierre (-240) and Josh Koscheck (+190) as the underdog.

By Scooter

Mixed Martial Arts Vs Boxing

July 24, 2007

The rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting has all but knocked out boxing. With MMA groups like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Pride and BodogFight the level of skill and excitement has risen way above anything boxing can produce. Here are my thoughts on why MMA is taking over the fighting entertainment industry.

Boxing was once a multi-million dollar business with the best boxers in the world providing excitement and skill in the ring. Since back in the day when boxers like Muhammad Ali, George Forman and Sugar Ray Leonard fought there was such a build up to the fight that the whole world anxiously waited for the fight to happen. People all over the world would sit around there TV’s watching the fight of the year. Then a decade later we had heavy weights like Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield. They were big exciting controversial boxers that pounded the shit out of each other. They provided good action and heavy knockouts. After these boxers retired or faded out we lost boxers with size and moved to boxers with skill like Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather, Shane Mosley and Roy Jones JR. This era of boxing was great but it always ended in a decision and this created controversy; oh this person should have won. It kind of started to take the fun out of watching boxing and people were getting tired of paying $50 for a crappy ending with no KO.

Then in 1993 along comes this Ultimate Fighting Championship where eight men are pitted against each other in a caged octagon ring in a winner takes all tournament. There were only two rules, no eye gouging and no biting. You could do anything else to win. To get the win you either knocked your opponent out or submitted him. There were many different styles of fighting, anywhere from Karate and Kung Fu, to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, to Muay Thai and Bar Room Brawling. That’s why it’s so good because anybody who had fighting experience had a chance. When it first started there were a lot of mismatched fights, and guys were getting knock the F%*K out! This is great entertainment. People started paying to watch these fights and with the media putting a negative spin on it, UFC blew up.

In 2001 the UFC was sold to new owners and Dana White was named president. Dana White is responsible for making UFC and other MMA events so popular today. Dana White is the Don King of boxing. He changed the rules so that there were two fighters competing for the win, instead of a tournament style fight. Also there would be 6-7 fights on a pay-per-view event. So that means on a pay-per-view event you have the chance to see 6-7 people get knocked out or submitted. Unlike boxing where you watch 12 rounds of boxing to get a lame decision. Dana White decided to increase the popularity of UFC even more by introducing The Ultimate Fighter reality show in which the winner gets a contract to fight in the UFC and a shot at stardom. This show has a firm grip on guys in the age range of 18-34. It has been recorded that, in this age range, the show’s ratings have surpassed NBA and MLB playoffs. As for the pay-per-view money, in 2006 the UFC made $223M, HBO made $177M and WWE made $200M. Dana Whites definitely doing something right. Fighters are getting more popular than ever as their fan base increases. With popular fighters like Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and Diego Sanchez the level of entertainment has risen.

So why is UFC more popular than boxing? It’s simple. People want to see fighters get their face punched in. Fans want blood, pain, knockouts and broken limbs. That’s the beauty of the sport too; you never know for sure who will win. All it takes is someone to get a lucky shot in and his opponent drops like a sack of potatoes. Boxing hasn’t produced that in a long time. That’s not to say UFC has its faults. Sometimes fighters are a little reluctant to jump in and start brawling, their cautious. In Pride fighting there is a yellow card system in which fighters are penalized money, from their winnings, for not fighting. I believe this system needs to be implemented because there have been a few fights that weren’t entertaining. The fighters just walked around each other for 15 minutes waiting for the perfect time to strike. This is not fun for the fans watching at home and the fans in the stands will let you know that their displeased. UFC recently purchased Pride fighting and they’re going to start bringing in Pride fighters to fight in the UFC. This will be the undoing of boxing. Pride has some of the biggest, strongest and deadliest fighters in the world and that’s going to draw in huge ratings and fans. So say goodbye to boring boxing and say hello to MMA and UFC.

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By Scooter

Dana White: The Next Don King

July 16, 2007

Have you seen the latest numbers the UFC is making on their pay per view and revenue gates? Zuffa and the UFC are making money hand over fist. Now with rumors with an HBO deal in the works and their cross marketing shared relationship with Xyience someone is making a lot of money and that is not the fighters.

It is too bad that it is not the UFC fighters like former UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre or the recent The Ultimate Fighter Reality TUF show contestant Rashad Evans.

Despite the rise in UFC pay per views and ticket receipts, Dana White is not paying his fighters the amount they deserve. For example, in UFC 59 Terry Martin got paid 2000 to fight.

You have to realize that fighters that take these fights know they are to fighting the UFC about 3 month in advance so basically Terry Martin gets 650 per month minus taxes.

Does that seem like a good deal to train everyday for 3 month? What if you get injured than you get paid nothing? Dana White is fast become this centuries Don King. If you want to read more about UFC fighter salaries read UFC: It’s Time to Pay Up by Greg Miller or check out MMA Weekly for their UFC salary disclosure

Is MMA going the way of Boxing?

June 4, 2007

When ever you have a sport decided by judges you will get mixed results.  This weekend mixed marital arts had it’s biggest fights for all the MMA hardcore fans. This was held at Dynamite
USA with the highly anticipated rematch between Royce Grace versus Kazushi Sakuraba 2. The first fight was an epic 90 minute fight that lasted 6 round before Gracie’s corner threw in the towel.

The rematch was held on June 2 2007. This time the fight was held in Gracie’s back yerd in LA. Now from my calculations the fight should have went to Sakuraba 2 round to even though the match should have went to Kazushi Sakuraba. 

Now because this was in Gracie’s home town I felt the decision was swayed. I love MMA but if it become as corrupt as boxing is what’s the point.  

Mixed martial arts is built on honor and fairness and if that is somehow corrupt but the all mighty dollar that it will become like boxing with those inflated egos and over priced athletes.  

Just look at Floyd Mayweather Jr. who thinks he could take on any MMA fighters or Kermit Cintron will challenge an MMA fighter. 

All I hope for is that mixed martial arts stays where it is without the corruption and greed that has infiltrated boxing.

UFC Needs to Showcase Better Fighters

May 25, 2007

This weekend the UFC showcases its biggest start in Chuck the Iceman Liddell who will try to avenge his last lost to Quinton Rampage Jackson. In North America the UFC if God and everyone thinks that because it is North American it is the best. Don’t get me wrong the UFC fighters are ok but I can name about 4 different fighters in the light heavy weight division that are much better than Chuck Liddell.  There is Rampage Jackson, Mauricio “ShogunRua, Wanderlei the Axe Murderer Silva and Dan Hollywood Henderson. In the heavyweight division in the UFC there are probably about 9 fighters that would beat Randy Couture any day of the week. Check out the MMA top ten lists for both the light heavyweight division and the heavyweight division. If the UFC if suppose to be so good than how come they don’t sign the 2 best pound for pound fighters in the World Mauricio “ShogunRua and Fedor Emelianenko. So before you claim Chuck Liddell and the UFC to have the best fighters in the world you should look around first. Take a look at some MMA highlight videos of non UFC fighters