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Tom Brady’s right foot kicks up a fuss

January 23, 2008

The Super Bowl media circus got off to a flying start Monday when New England Patriots pivot Tom Brady was videotaped and photographed favoring his right foot, and apparently sporting a walking cast. Brady was in New York City with his girlfriend, model Gisele Bundchen, and he appeared to have a slight limp.

The foot scoop hit a fever pitch Tuesday morning, when media outlets – including the venerable New York Times – began speculating on Brady’s boot and what it could mean for his Patriots as they prepare to meet the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII on Feb. 3.

The Boston Globe had the video on its website. The New York Times wondered if the point spread, which had already shrunk from 14 to 12 in favor of the Pats, should move lower still.

But as Sports Illustrated pointed out, if Brady really does have anything even remotely close to an injury serious enough to jeopardize playing in the Super Bowl, he’d be back in Boston receiving treatment. If Brady is injured, it’s something very, very minor.

But that won’t stop the media circus, especially in the Big Apple. At least it was a different, somewhat creative way to kick off the 13 days of hype leading up to the most watched TV event on the planet.

Gambling Social Network, Betting Bookmarking –

January 19, 2008

As a blogger who deals a lot with sports and sports betting I spent some time looking for a social network and social bookmarking site where I could add my content and bookmarks. You know what I found out – there are very few available and of the ones I found, they were either so full of spam or seemed to be completely self serving.  Then I found and even though it apears to be fairly new it does appear that someone is actually maintaining the site.

As a new site I’ll bet that there are plenty of good membership names available. As of this moment the site appears to be still mostly a template from the software provider Pligg but I am sure that they will be sprucing up the site and adding features to make it more of a community. At least I hope so.

A quick look around the site shows me that they will be accepting submissions for sports betting, casino, poker and horse racing. Judging by some of the posts on the site already they don’t seem to mind that people are using words like betting, wager and gambling within their titles; an act that generally gets your account banned in most social networking and bookmarking sites.

Given the popularity of social marketing these days is it any wonder that this type of site was going to pop up? Thank you I say for the thought of putting this together and only time will tell how popular will become.

E. Zack Lee