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UFC 126: Preview – Forrest Griffin Vs. Rich Franklin

February 1, 2011

At this Saturday’s UFC 126 event, in a light heavyweight bout Forrest Griffin will fight with Rich Franklin.

In UFC betting odds Franklin is a -170 moneyline favorite.

They are still relevant in the sport, what both of these fighters are out to prove. Many people are questioning whether or not they are still truly contenders for the title as each of them has lost 2 fights recently.

Each managed to turn things around with wins in their most recent fights even as they have both lost 2 fights recently. Yet, Franklin’s fight was definitely more impressive than Griffin’s. By split decision over Tito Ortiz, Griffin won. Griffin still was unable to put him away as Ortiz is getting older.

Even though Franklin was able to knock out his opponent, he also fought against an aging fighter. Franklin pushed him closer to retirement with a knockout victory as Chuck Liddell was considering retirement already.

It is clear that Franklin has the advantage in most categories when looking at the stats from these two fighters. His skills appear to be more developed as he has the better career record at 28-5. He gets more takedowns than Griffin as he is rated as a better striker. Griffin’s age will be the biggest advantage. When a fighter will get pushed over the edge and will not perform at a high level anymore, you never know. Compare to Franklin, Griffin is 5 years younger.

While the loser likely to fall from the limelight, the winner of this fight will expected to jump back into fame.

Jorge Rivera and Alessio Sakara will Take One Each Other at UFC 122

November 11, 2010

At UFC 122, Jorge Rivera and Alessio Sakara will take one each other. In Germany this event will take place. This is only the UFC’s second visit to Germany. This should be an excellent matchup as these fighters will be fighting at 185 pounds.

To this point, both of these fighters have had successful MMA careers. Out of his 25 opportunities, Rivera has managed 18 wins. Out of his 22 matches, Alessio Sakara has won 15. They have both not been quite as dominant in their matches within the UFC, while these records are impressive. Rivera and Sakara both fighters are over .500 the record, even though 6-4 for Sakara and 8-5 for Rivera do not sound nearly as impressive as their records outside of the UFC.

The momentum that Rivera has gained recently has been the key for him. He has bounced back after losing 5 of his first 10 UFC matches. With a 3 fight-winning streak, Rivera will enter this matchup.

With several victories in a row, Sakara has likewise strung together. In his MMA career, even though he had hit a rough patch, he has bounced back with 3 consecutive wins at all. With a lot of momentum behind these fighters, they will both enter the ring.

As most people thought it would take place several events ago, this fight will be highly anticipated one. Even though they were initially scheduled to square off in UFC 118, Rivera sustained a broken arm and was unable to take part in the event.

Middleweight Bout – Court McGee vs. Ryan Jensen – UFC 121

October 21, 2010

On Saturday, October 23, Spike TV will show two undercard fights from UFC 121. Court McGee against Ryan Jensen will be pitted in the second of the two fights.

For the first time since winning The Ultimate Fighter this past June, McGee will return to the octagon. By submitting Kris McCray via rear-naked choke in the second round, he won the crown. To earn McGee “Submission of the Night”, the submission was also good enough.

The win was McGee’s sixth in a row, against McCray. With six of his wins coming by submission, he has amassed a 12-1 record in his career. At the Ultimate Combat Experience in December of 2007, his lone loss was by unanimous decision against Jeremy Horn.

Since 1997, Ryan Jensen has been competing in MMA. In the timeframe, he has compiled a 15-6 record and he is 2-4 in UFC fights. Jensen, in his last four fights is 2-2. At UFC Fight Night 19, he lost to Wilson Gouveia and to Mark Muñoz at UFC 108. By way of submission came both the losses. He defeated Jesse Forbes with a guillotine choke submission 66 seconds into the first round, in his most recent fight.

Sports betting online experts favorite, McGee comes into the fight with a lot of hype, as the winner of a popular reality show. Jensen believes he can win back-to-back UFC fights for the first time and he isn’t concerned about the hype or about McGee’s strong record. Jensen said, “I’m not really worried about this dude at all technically. He hasn’t fought anybody tough.”

UFC 116 – Light Heavyweight bout:  Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricardo Romero

June 29, 2010

Seth Petruzelli will fight Ricardo Romero at UFC 116 on July 3rd. The two fighters will take part in a Light Heavyweight bout that carries a bit of mystery behind it as these two fighters are making a debut to the UFC in one case, and a return to the UFC in another.

Petruzelli had not fared well in the past in the UFC. He struggled with his first few fights in the UFC and kind of lost his place. He has really found his way lately though, winning his last 4 MMA fights and he is ready to join back up with the UFC once again. He is 12-4 to this point in his career and appears to be more ready to take on the level of fighting that is present in the UFC than he was previously.

Ricardo Romero will be making his UFC debut against Petruzelli. He has signed a four fight deal that will give him a chance to show what he is made of. To this point in his career he has managed a 10-1 record. He has shown the ability to win fights early, demonstrated by his victory in the first round over Silmar Rodrigo in November.

Petruzelli is a powerful fighter and has shown that he can knock people out with his power. He knocked out Kimbo Slice in a 14 second match in October of 2008. He also had a submission victory just 2 months ago in the first round.

This fight will go a long way in showing what path these two fighters are on as they square off at UFC 116.

Hughes vs St.Pierre

November 28, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: Sat, Dec 29, 2007 10:PM ET
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Fresh off the press, Matt Hughes will fight Georges St.Peirre in UFC 79 Nemisis, at Mandalay Bay.

The fight was originally supposed to be Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes but Serra suffered a herniated disc in his back and he’s unable to fight. When St.Pierre heard about what happened he personally called UFC President Dana White and said “Let’s get it on.”

George St.Pierre is pound for pound one of the most well conditioned, well rounded, strongest and most feared fighter in the UFC. He’s walked on guys like Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, Sean Sherk, Karo Parisyan and Josh Koscheck. He either wins by TKO or submission. St.Pierre beat Hughes in UFC 65 by TKO. Hughes was dominated by St.Pierre the whole time. He was taking kicks, punches, jumping punches and Hughes couldn’t do anything about it. Every time Hughes tried to take down St’Pierre, he wouldn’t let him.

Matt Hughes is also a very tough fighter with many quality fights under his belt. He’s beaten St.Pierre, B.J. Penn, Royce Gracie, Sean Sherk and most recently, in UFC 68, Chris Lytle. Hughes domination of Lytle wasn’t unexpected but he showed something extra special. It looked like his training with Jeremy Horn paid off. Hughes beat St.Pierre in UFC 50 by submission, back in 2004.

Bottom Line: It’s going to be a serious battle in the Octagon with many hard punches and submission attempts. Both are great on the ground, but St.Pierre is better at not being taken down. Whether not having enough time to train is an issue for St.Pierre or not he is the favorite. To bet the MMA go to BodogLife now.

Silva vs Alexander

November 15, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: Sat, Nov 17, 2007 10:00 PM ET
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UFC 78 Validation gets under way this weekend with Thiago Silva (+130) taking on Houston Alexander (-160), at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

This fight is going to leave someone knocked out and gasping for air. Thiago Silva comes from the famed Chute Boxing camp which trained Anderson Silva. Silva’s a fast and furious fighter with a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu who can KO an opponent in seconds. The one place you don’t want to be when fighting Silva is on the ground, where is excels at submissions. Houston Alexander is a show no mercy fighter that has KO’d his opponents before the end of the 1st round, or sometimes before the first minute. You can say that he’s a knockout artist. He’s beaten Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara both by KO in the first. If this fight goes past the first round, or takes place on the ground, Alexander may be in trouble. Although both fighters are capable of the KO, you never know who’s got the weaker chin. I like Thiago Silva to defeat Alexander!

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UFC 77 – Sylvia vs Vera

October 15, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: PPV Sat, Oct 20, 2007 10:00 PM ET
UFC 77 Hostile Territory gets under way this weekend from US Bank Arena in Ohio.

Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia (+140) takes on Brandon “The Truth” Vera (-170) in a battle of the Heavyweights. Sylvia is a tubby standup fighter with a good takedown defense. He recently lost his Heavyweight title to Randy Couture in UFC 68. In this fight Sylvia showed nothing special besides standing and punching, but acted more like a punching bag more than anything.
His opponent is Brandon Vera who’s got superb kicks, elbows, knees and he’s got good grappling skills. His MMA record is 8-0 and his last fight was in UFC 65 in which he defeated Frank Mir.

Sylvia’s a big, slow and tubby fighter that may be on the decline in the UFC. Fighters in the UFC need more than a punching style of fighting, they need MMA skills. Vera definitely has those skills and is thereby the favorite in my eyes. Bet on Vera to win! To bet the UFC go to BodogLife now.

UFC 77 – Silva vs Franklin

October 15, 2007

By Scott Burgess
Fight Night: PPV Sat, Oct 20, 2007 10:00 PM ET
UFC 77 Hostile Territory gets under way this weekend from US Bank Arena in Ohio.

Rich “Ace” Franklin (+155) takes on Anderson “The Spider” Silva (-190) in a much anticipated rematch. Silva destroyed Franklin in UFC 64 by landing knee after knee to Franklin’s face. By the time the fight was over Franklin’s nose had moved to the side of his face. Franklin’s a fighter with good striking skills and great conditioning. His last two fights, after Silva, have been weak. They were nowhere close to Silva’s talents.

Silva’s a fighter with that’s very well rounded and is a superb striker with knock out capabilities. He’s also experienced in Muay-Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.

Silva’s got too much talent for Franklin to handle. Although Franklin has the heart to go all rounds, this match will be over quickly. Silva’s best feature is his knes which is where his Muay-Thai comes in handy. Silva will take this match! To bet the UFC go to BodogLife now.

Jon Fitch vs Diego Sanchez

September 18, 2007

Jon Finch will face his toughest opponent yet, Diego Sanchez. This fight is scheduled for September 22, 2007 at the Honda Center.

Jon Finch is a little known fighter who’s been under the radar in the UFC. He’s more of a wresting style fighter than anything with a perfect 6-0 record in the UFC. He does very well on the ground and has submitted three fighters into submission. This will be his toughest test yet.

Diego Sanchez is grappling style fighter, fighting out of New Mexico. His last fight in UFC 69 in which he fought Josh Koscheck was a bit of a snoozer. The two of them stood there taking minor chances at each other all three rounds. The fans were booing as each fighter stocked each other. After it was all said and done it was deemed that Koscheck was the winner by unanimous decision. All previous fights before this one were all Sanchez. He’s very strong and explosive on the ground and has the power to knock you down then pound you out.

Diego Sanchez is the definite favorite in this match up. click here…to learn more.

Mauricio Rua vs Forrest Griffin

September 18, 2007

Word has it that Forrest Griffin specifically requested this fight against Mauricio Rua thats taking place on September 22, 2007.

Griffin wants to fight Rua because he knows Rua’s the best. Rua will be making his UFC debut this Saturday after making the transfer from Pride. Rua is an extremely aggressive fighter with an excellent background in Muay Thai and Jui-Jitsu. He’s beaten some of Prides finest like Quinton Jackson, Richardo Arona and Rogerio Minotoro Nogueira.

Griffin’s a fighter that’s well rounded with good grappling skills. His two biggest losses to date have been against guys that are tough and aggresive, guys like Tito Ortiz and Keith Jardine. His best fight that went the distance was against Stephan Bonner, in which both fighters went toe to toe the whole fight making for one of the best fights to date. He’s got the strength and conditioning to go the distance, but Rua brings to much to the table. Rua has knocked out some massive guys in Pride that don’t even come close to Griffin. Maricio Rua will walk away from this fight victorious.

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By Scott Burgess