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NHL – New York Rangers – Season Preview

October 5, 2010

The New York Rangers, sports betting favorite lost in a shootout on the last day of the season to the Philadelphia Flyers, denying the Rangers a playoff bid in 2009-2010 season and they hope that their 2010-2011 season ends much better. The Rangers appear to be one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference, on paper.

Key Additions:

With the additions of Alexander Frolov and Todd White, the Rangers are looking to bolster their offensive lines. At the goaltender position, Martin Biron will provide quality depth, as he backs up one of the game’s best net minders in Henrik Lundqvist.

Key Losses:

Forward Olli Jokinen is decided not to re-sign by the Rangers after acquiring him at the trade deadline. Often struggling to get on the score sheet, Jokinen did not live up to the expectations of the Rangers front office.

This season, the Rangers are hoping to spread the offense around so that star forward Marion Gaborik does not have to shoulder the load of the scoring. Leaving Gaborik as their only scoring threat on many nights, many times last season other forwards did not contribute enough points.

If the Rangers hope to make the post season this year, another aspect where they need to improve is on defense. From the likes of Michael Del Zotto and Matt Gilroy, who now have a season of experience under their belts, head coach John Tortorella hopes to get more consistent play. The New York Rangers have a good shot at making the playoffs in 2010-2011, with more balanced scoring and consistent play from their defensemen.

Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup

June 11, 2010

The Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks faced off in Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals on June 8th in Philadelphia. Coming into Game 6, Chicago was leading the series 3-2. Philadelphia was playing in front of their home crowd and was one win away from forcing a Game 7. That did not happen, as Chicago won 4-3 in overtime to capture the Stanley Cup.

Chicago’s goalie, Antti Niemi, was not overly impressive in Game 6, but got the job done. He made 21 saves in victory. Michael Leighton, Philadelphia’s goalie, had a more impressive game stat-wise, making 37 saves, but it was all in vain as he took the loss.

Four different players scored for Chicago, including Patrick Kane, who made the winning goal in overtime. Scott Hartnell was very impressive for Philadelphia, making 2 goals. It was a great game, full of back and forth action. No one could compare to Patrick Kane, though, who was definitely the hero of Game 6. Not only did he have an incredible goal in overtime, he also had two assists. He made what will be remembered as one of the most historic goals in Blackhawks’ history.

It was a long wait between Stanley Cup victories for the Chicago Blackhawks, but they finally got the job done. It had been 49 years since Chicago had last won a Stanley Cup. Regardless of what happens from here, the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks will forever have their place in history, thanks in large part to a great Game 6.

Odds for next City to get NHL Franchise

May 8, 2009

Say what you will about the Phoenix Coyotes successes and failures over the years; just say them quickly because it appears they won’t be around too much longer.

I am not sure why this team was moved from Winnipeg in the first place as it obviously had a better fan base than it does in the dessert city or any other southern American city for that matter. To me it just doesn’t make sense to try to force feed a sports league on country that just isn’t interested.

Will Gary Bettman finally clue in to the fact that you can not find a bigger fan base for an NHL team than a Canadian city? My bet is he won’t, he will probably do something even crazier like move the team to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

While a move to the small Caribbean nation may seem like a long shot I put it at about even odds with this hockey franchise moving to a Canadian city. Fortunately for you my gambling friends see things a little differently as they are offering betting odds on which Canadian city is going to get the Phoenix Coyotes.

Hamilton 3/1

Winnipeg 7/2

Victoria 4/1

Quebec City 6/1

Halifax 8/1

Sherbrooke 10/1

Regina 10/1

Charlottetown 25/1

E. Zack Lee

Hockey Betting Sure Winner

January 15, 2009

It seems that there is one sure bet in sports betting these days and that is if you bet against the Vancouver Canucks winning any game they are playing. The Canucks GM wasted ½ of the season waiting for the past his prime center Mats Sundin. Sure he was a hell of a hockey player but he never really helped the Toronto Maple Leafs win anything of significance so what makes him think he will do anything for the accolade starved Canucks?

While I am at it what about that useless coach Alain Vigneault? Sure the Canucks’ best player Roberto Luongo has been injured for the past 20 games or so but what about the rest of the team, have they not been playing and practicing for all that time? Sure the players have to take some of the heat for how bad they suck at the power play and the penalty kill but really does it not reflect more on poor management? And how about the ineffectiveness of this team on the shoot out, what’s that al about?

Sad to say that as far as betting on hockey games goes the only sure bet is that the Vancouver Canucks are not going to win their games, home or away, so why not make some money on a sure thing.

The Canucks suck and they always will because the Vancouver fan base will continue to support mediocrity by continuing to sell out this over priced, under performing bunch of junior players dressed up as professionals.

It is like I have always said…

it doesn’t matter how big of a super star you bring to Vancouver in the end all you are doing is turning him into a Canuck!”

E. Zack Lee

Vancouver Canuck Hockey Tickets

September 12, 2008

With the 2008 NHL hockey season about to start the Vancouver Canucks are getting ready to release their tickets to the public on September 20th. Surprise, surprise the Vancouver Canucklehaed brain-trust (and I use the term generously) thought that it might be a good idea to raise ticket prices once again.

To secure a ticket in the nose bleed sections we will now be fortunate to shell out $64.25, which includes the parasitical service charge of Ticketmaster, for the privilege of watching a seriously down graded team that is led by the rookie GM Mike Gillis.

You know back in the day when this team had some better talent in the line up, and I am speaking of the heady days of the 2006 – 2007 season, tickets were almost 20 bucks cheaper.

So let’s see, less talent in the line up with a star goaltender who doesn’t seem to care about this team or city, a coach that produces a boring style of play and an unproven GM in Mike “I got no backup plan if I can’t sign Mat Sundin” Gillis and for this we get to pay more money.

While I am on it… I really don’t get the whole “you have to pay more to see premium teams” thing. For me I would understand and possibly even support this plan if we could pay less to see less than premium teams like the Vancouver Canucks play.

Mike Gillis – I can’t wait until you get fired and this team gets some owners that don’t seem to have their heads up their asses!

E. Zack Lee

Dave Nonis Fired – Vancouver Canucks

April 15, 2008

The Vancouver Canucks announced today that Dave Nonis has been relieved of his duties as the team’s General Manager & Sr. Vice-President.

One down and one more to go!

All we got to do now is get rid of the other dead weight management type Alain Vigneault, once that is done maybe we can get this team moving in the right direction again.

E. Zack Lee

New Hockey Stick for Luongo

April 1, 2008

News just came out of the Vancouver Canucks leadership that they have decided to equip the Canuck goalie – Roberto Luongo – with a new stick!

Roberto Luongo's new hockey stickThe major reason for this decision has not come due to the star goalie’s inability to stop pucks from entering his own net but rather from his inability to put pucks into opponent’s net – inability to score.

This may come as a surprise to many of you hockey fans since what does a goalie have to do with scoring. Well, in Vancouver it may be the key component they are missing in order to produce some potent and enjoyable hockey games.

The logic behind this decision goes like this:

“The best player on our team is the goalie; In fact he is the best goalie in the whole league! So let’s exchange his fat stick for a proper shooting one and he may become the best scoring player on our team; In fact he may be the next Ovechkin!”

It is a good reasoning and I won’t argue that; In fact I said this in January. And it makes total sense because when things are going not so well you should try to do everything with every player you have.

Viva new Luongo’s hockey stick!

Stanoo Calista

NHL Hockey Video Pick: L.A. Kings V. Dallas Stars

March 21, 2008

The slumping Dallas Stars play host to their division rivals from L.A., as Mike Modano, Brad Richards and Marty Turco look to halt a 1-6 losing streak against a team they’ve handled all year. This is a must win game, but guess who Captain Canuck is choosing!

E. Zack Lee

Free NHL Video Pick: Toronto Maple Leafs V. Buffalo Sabres

March 21, 2008

The Toronto Maple Leafs visit the surging Sabres, looking to knock off Buffalo for the first time in the New Year. The Sabres are coming off a huge 3-goal comeback just two nights ago as they look to nail down a playoff spot. Check out who Captain Canuck thinks will win.

E. Zack Lee

Blackhawks vs. Wild NHL Free Pick

February 20, 2008

Captian Canuck makes his video debut video offering his free nhl pick between the Blackhawks and the Wild. Is he right or is he wrong – why not comment on it?

Personally I find both teams to be quite boring but what do I know I only watch the games for the fights!!!

E. Zack Lee