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Odds on the End of the World

May 6, 2008

Dating back to the first time man interpreted meanings in various objects such as clouds or reflections in water, how bones┬áland when dropped or even the bumps on people’s heads, predictions were made on when the world would end.

Probably the most consistent prediction has been the one made famous by the Mayan calendar. Not only did the Mayans predict Doomsday to be December 21, 2012 but so did many other people across many cultures.

Now I am not sure why but for some reason the popular sports betting site has offered their members betting odds on the world ending on May 10th 2008;

Odds the world will end on May 10th 2008 – 500/1
Odds the world will not end on May 10th 2008 – 1/1,000

Now to me this is a crazy bet cause if the world ends on that date and you win the bet not only would you not be able to collect being dead and all but should you be one of the few to survive, who would send you the check?

As if that wasn’t reason enough what about the thought that everything ends on December 21, 2012? I mean those Mayans were pretty smart people given the fact that the Mayan calendar’s accuracy in measuring time, second only to the atomic clock I believe.

Now I can’t say that either bets on the world ending on those dates is a good bet but I can say this, there is some great info on the web regarding December 21, 2012, check it out. All of the religious and cultural predictions aside there is a web bot that is based upon linguistics and was put together to make predictions on the stock market. It turns out that this system is pretty accurate in predicting other things as well. Check those out at by doing a search for Dire Web Bot Predictions and give that a listen before you place your bet on the end of the world.

E. Zack Lee