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Boston Celtics Will Take On Miami Heat On Saturday

May 5, 2011

Miami HeatOn Saturday, the Boston Celtics will host the Miami Heat on their home court. This series may be a sweep by the Heat otherwise it is critical that they make a statement.

In NBA betting odds, Boston is a 3-point favorite.

In Game 2, the Boston Celtics have had no answer for two of the Heat’s big three. While Dwyane Wade stepped up and scored 28 points and eight rebounds in the decisive 102-91 victory, LeBron James tallied 35 points and seven rebounds.

In this game, the Celtics were beaten on the boards and from the outside. Ray Allen scored a pitiful seven total points in 34 minutes as he was only one for two from behind the three point arc. Team leader Rajon Rondo led all Celtics scorers with 20 points as Paul Pierce only scored 13 points in this game.

They will have to focus on stepping up their defense on James and Wade along the perimeter and make someone else beat them with the Celtics coming home.

The Heat also had the edge in the battle of the bench players. Joel Anthony was a key body on the floor for the Heat in Game 2 although he did not score many points. It will be a long game for the older Celtics if he can be a force in Game 3.

The simple question coming into Game 3 is, Will the Celtics be able to use the extra day off to get healthy and take a stand in Game 3? Even though they will need to find their legs or this series will effectively be over in four or five games, they will have the home court advantage.

Phoenix Suns Will Take On San Antonio Spurs On Sunday

March 31, 2011

The San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns are focused on finishing the season strong with the 2011 NBA playoffs just approaching. When it comes to the post-season race both teams are in completely different positions though.

In basketball betting odds while the Suns are at 40-1, San Antonio has slipped to 8-1 to win the NBA title

The Spurs will cruise to the playoffs as they have had the best record in the league for most of the season. When it comes to making the playoffs meanwhile, the Suns are hanging on thin ropes right now. It seemed that Phoenix would be a contender for the post-season, by the end of February. The Suns have dropped out of the top eight of the Western Conference recently as they had disappointing performances in March though.

The game will have different meanings for each team when the Suns and Spurs clash Sunday (1 pm ET, ABC). Every victory is precious and gets the Suns closer to the playoffs for Phoenix. Conversely, by the outcome of Sunday’s game the Spurs route to the playoffs will not be affected.

The Spurs will probably still want to impress the home crowd on Sunday, although they can afford to slack off. The Spurs will be confident playing at the AT&T Center, given the fact that San Antonio won both previous meetings against the Phoenix.

Both teams will clash once again in several weeks which will be the final regular season match for each team and it is quite interesting. The Spurs could potentially face the Suns in the playoffs, and these two games in April will give great previews on the potential post-season clashes with that in mind.

For the Suns in the last few games, Steve Nash hasn’t been a threatening offensive force and this is something that must change if Phoenix wants to leave the court with victories. For the first time this season the Spurs have recently suffered a 4 game losing streak and this has hurt the team’s confidence. On Sunday it is also something that the Suns can exploit.

Los Angeles Lakers: Bringing Back the Glory Days

December 17, 2008

When the Los Angeles Lakers first joined the NBA in 1946, they were still known as the Detroit Gems. The franchise changed its name to the Lakers when it moved to Minneapolis in 1947. Finally, in 1960, the Lakers franchise moved to Los Angeles, California, where the team continues to play today. The Los Angeles Lakers franchise has a long and decorated history. In fact, millions of people have bought Lakers tickets just to see this impressive team play. Coming into the 2008-09 season, the Lakers is looking to reaffirm its reputation as one of the best franchises in the league. Get your Lakers tickets now to see if the Lakers can win another NBA Championship title in the 2008-09 NBA season.

LA Lakers achievements

Since the Lakers franchise first joined the league up to the end of the 2007-08 season, it has become one of the most dominant teams in the NBA. Here is a short list of some of the achievements of the LA Lakers since 1946 up to the end of the 2008-09 season:
– Holds the league record for the most wins with 2,905 and the highest winning percentage at 61.5%
– Has made the most NBA Finals appearances with 29
– Tied with the San Antonio Spurs for the least non-playoff seasons (5)
– Has won 14 NBA Championship titles, second only to the Boston Celtics who has 17

With such an impressive franchise history, it is easy to see why millions of fans have bought Lakers tickets throughout the years. Although the team was able to add to these stats in the 2007-08 season, the Lakers were not able to win the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. Get Lakers tickets for the 2008-09 season now, so you can see if the Lakers can win their 15th NBA Championship.

LA Lakers in the 2008-09 season

With the way that the Lakers have been playing in their first 12 games of the 2008-09 season, you may want to start saving up for Lakers Playoffs tickets as early as now. As of November 25, the Lakers are in first place in the Western Conference with a nearly impeccable record of 11-1. Some of the main contributors to the Lakers’ success include head coach Phil Jackson, superstar Kobe Bryant, and all-star Pau Gasol. One of the major changes from the 2007-08 season is that Andrew Bynum is back in the lineup after healing from an injury that kept him from playing for most of the 2007-08 season.

If the team can keep healthy and keep-up their intense defense, they may just have the best chances of winning the 2009 NBA Championship. In fact, based on the Lakers’ current lineup, the Lakers may have what it takes to win more than just one championship in the next five years. Get your tickets now to see if the Lakers can set the pace for the next few years by winning the 2008-09 NBA Championship title.

This guest post was written by Sean Graham who makes it a point to watch the Lakers play live when he gets a hold of LA Lakers Tickets.

Top 10 Chokes in Sports

June 17, 2008

With visions of the Lakers epic collapse in game 4 of the NBA Finals still keeping Jocelyn up at night, I thought it timely to take a look at some of the biggest sports chokes of the last 30 years.

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