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The Wildcats vs. The Rockets – Match Preview – College Football

September 4, 2010

To open up the season on Friday night, the Arizona Wildcats will take on the Toledo Rockets. With what looks to be a bit of a lopsided matchup, these two teams will start the season. The isn’t a popular one at the NCAAF lines too.

From the Pac-10, the Arizona Wildcats are a team. In college football, the Pac-10 is known as one of the top conferences. For the national championship or other BCS bowl games, the conference puts out teams that are perennial contenders. The Wildcats managed to win 8 games while only losing 5 on the season, even in this sort of a conference while only losing 5 on the season. Against those strong teams in the league, the Wildcats went 6-3 in conference play.

The Rockets in the meanwhile did not have such a great season. In the MAC-west, play the Rockets. A league of high notoriety is not the team MAC. Than the other conferences in football, the competition is generally a bit lower and the top teams are often able to feed off of the bottom teams.

On the season, even in the MAC the Rockets only managed to win 5 of their 12 games. They managed to win 3 out of 8 games in their conference play. They will be a team that will keep up with the Arizona Wildcats is not suggested by this sort of performance.

Wildcats are by no means guaranteed to win, although they will be the favorites. For having up and down seasons, they have been known for and they have never shown the same consistency as many of the teams in the Pac-10. Look for each team to prove that they are a real threat in 2010.