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Vancouver Canucks Will Clash With Calgary Flames This Weekend

February 9, 2011

This weekend the Vancouver Canucks will take on the Calgary Flames in Vancouver.  The Canucks have been the superior team even as both of these teams have had solid seasons to this point. With a 35-10-9 record this season the Canucks are atop the conference.

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It seems the Canucks are solid in every aspect of the game. They allow just 2.3 goals per game on defense as averaging 3.4 goals a game they have the 2nd best offense in the NHL.  In the league, this is the 3rd best average. In terms of power play percentage and penalty kill percentage, they are also one of the best teams.

At Left Wing the Canucks are led by Daniel Sedin. He has been a key facilitator for the Canucks on offense as he has 69 points on the season.  In order to limit the impact that Sedin has on the game, the Flames will need to try to find a way. To stop up and make plays this will force another player.

Even though the Flames seem to find a way to win games they are pretty much a middle of the pack team in most statistical categories. For the Flames Jarome Iginla is the main offensive force. Having dished out the most assists of any player on his team, he is the leading scorer. To have a big game against the Canucks, the Flames will need him.

The Canucks are certainly favored in this game even as the Flames do have an opportunity.

Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup

June 11, 2010

The Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks faced off in Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals on June 8th in Philadelphia. Coming into Game 6, Chicago was leading the series 3-2. Philadelphia was playing in front of their home crowd and was one win away from forcing a Game 7. That did not happen, as Chicago won 4-3 in overtime to capture the Stanley Cup.

Chicago’s goalie, Antti Niemi, was not overly impressive in Game 6, but got the job done. He made 21 saves in victory. Michael Leighton, Philadelphia’s goalie, had a more impressive game stat-wise, making 37 saves, but it was all in vain as he took the loss.

Four different players scored for Chicago, including Patrick Kane, who made the winning goal in overtime. Scott Hartnell was very impressive for Philadelphia, making 2 goals. It was a great game, full of back and forth action. No one could compare to Patrick Kane, though, who was definitely the hero of Game 6. Not only did he have an incredible goal in overtime, he also had two assists. He made what will be remembered as one of the most historic goals in Blackhawks’ history.

It was a long wait between Stanley Cup victories for the Chicago Blackhawks, but they finally got the job done. It had been 49 years since Chicago had last won a Stanley Cup. Regardless of what happens from here, the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks will forever have their place in history, thanks in large part to a great Game 6.

Top 10 Chokes in Sports

June 17, 2008

With visions of the Lakers epic collapse in game 4 of the NBA Finals still keeping Jocelyn up at night, I thought it timely to take a look at some of the biggest sports chokes of the last 30 years.

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Trevor Linden Retires

June 11, 2008

A press conference is set for tomorrow where it is expected that long time fan favorite Trevor Linden will announce his retirement. If this is true then I want to thank him for all of his years of service to the Vancouver Canucks and the community. I know that Trevor played with other teams as well as representing players through his involvement with the NHLPA but, I’ll save those thanks for now.

As a Vancouver Canuck, Trevor Linden tallied 415 assists and 318 goals for a total of 1,140 points. As an NHL player Trevor scored a total of 375 goals and 492 points for 867 points in 1,382 games for Canucks, Washington Capitals, Montreal Canadiens and New York Islanders.

As a humanitarian Trevor Linden was practically a fixture at the BC Children’s Hospital and Canuck Place, a hospital for terminally ill children. In 1995 Trevor put together the Trevor Linden Foundation to raise money for local charities and hosts an annual golfing event as a fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital. For all of that and more Vancouver’s favorite Canuck also received the Order of British Columbia in 2003.

Best to you Trevor and I for one hope you have a wonderful retirement.

E. Zack Lee

Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule

February 1, 2008

Given the state of the Toronto Maple Leaf’s play as of late the team brain trust felt that they should go after teams that they might actaully have a chance at beating. The NHL Board of Governors got together and under a special founder’s rule, allowed the Leafs to re-schedule.

Toronto Maple Leafs Revised 2008 Schedule

15 vs. Bloomington Jr. High School Girls
22 vs. Cub Scout Troop #101
29 vs. CNIB Senior Team

5 vs. Spanish-American War Vets
12 vs. Crippled Children’s Hospital
19 vs. St. Cloud Home for Wayward Girls
26 vs. Girl Scout Troop #69

5 vs. Ontario VD Clinic Post #3
12 vs. Church Street Boy’s Choir
19 vs. Korean War Amputees
26 vs. VA Hospital Polio Patients

Special Monday Night Game:
March 3 vs. Utopia Gay Boys

Name Change:
The Toronto Maple Leafs will be changed to the Toronto Tampons’ as they are only good for one period, and they don’t have a second string.

Coaching Change:
Paul Maurice will be replaced by Pamela Anderson. No doubt she will blow a few, but she won’t choke up on the BIG ONE.

Rule Changes:
1. When playing the Girl Scouts, the Leafs must not eat their cookies.

2. The Leafs will be allowed to substitute with band members at any time during the game.

3. When playing the Polio Patients, the Leafs must not disconnect any of the leg braces.

4. There will be no more dancing with opposing teams, like the last time they played the Utopia Gay Boys.

5. The Leafs MUST PROMISE to remember that when the referee drops the puck, this signals the beginning of play. This is to ensure that no more time will be wasted while the Leafs try to figure out what just happened.

6. The Leafs must also stop tangling the crippled children in the net mesh.


And while on the topic of the Leafs….

What does Toronto have that Montreal doesn’t?
Black and white photographs of their last Stanley Cup.

What do the Leafs and The Titanic have in common?
They both look good until they hit the ice.

Why don’t the Maple Leafs drink tea?
Because the Canadiens have all the cups.

What’s the difference between the Leafs and a cigarette machine?
The cigarette machine has PLAYERS.

E. Zack Lee

Hockey Fights

January 21, 2008

If the NHL is good for 1 thing it is good for watching fights. These guys get so wound up with emotion that it often manifests itself into fisticuffs and for some reason; some people, especially Americans, are offended by this. To me this just doesn’t make any sense given all of the violence and crime related programming on American television. Don’t believe me? Tune into A&E one day and make note of all of the shows on there during the day, CSI this and CSI that, The First 48, American Justice and Cold Case files to name but a few. Perhaps the reason Americans don’t tune into hockey is because it actually isn’t violent enough?

To those who think that it isn’t violent enough and for those who think it is just another part of the action packed game, check out the video from a game between the Ottawa Senators and the Philadelphia Flyers and let me know what the hell is wrong with this product?

E. Zack Lee

Weekly NHL rankings from The Canadian Press

November 2, 2007

The Wings are too hot to ignore and the Habs move up the chart. A look at our totally subjective and weekly ranking of the league’s 30 clubs:

1. Detroit Red Wings. Kicking butt and taking names in the tougher Western Conference.2. Ottawa Senators. Trying not to fall asleep during all this time off.3. Carolina Hurricanes. They’re back!

4. Minnesota Wild. Being extra careful with Marian Gaborik’s groin injury. Smart.

5. Philadelphia Flyers. Simon Gagne doesn’t appear back anytime soon.

6. Montreal Canadiens. Carey Price or Cristobal Huet? Doesn’t matter as the Habs keep winning.

7. Calgary Flames. Now if they only tighten up defensively, then watch out.

8. St. Louis Blues. Paul Kariya is flying.

9. Columbus Blue Jackets. Good ol’ Ken Hitchcock hockey – Jackets allowing only 1.90 goals per game.

10. San Jose Sharks. Inconsistent team right now. Not good enough.

11. Dallas Stars. Mike Modano trying to get out of the dog house.

12. Pittsburgh Penguins. Need to tighten up defensively.

13. Colorado Avalanche. Ryan Smyth is heating up.

14. Buffalo Sabres. More is expected from Thomas Vanek.

15. Boston Bruins. Phil Kessel is a dandy.

16. New York Islanders. Bill Guerin proving he’s got more left in the tank.

17. Tampa Bay Lightning. Vincent Lecavalier dropping the gloves and scoring goals!

18. Los Angeles Kings. Anyone notice they’ve won five of six?

19. Chicago Blackhawks. Turns out Sergei Samsonov also can’t score in Chicago.

20. Vancouver Canucks. This blue-line group way too good to be playing like this.

21. Anaheim Ducks. There’s no pill for this Stanley Cup hangover.

22. Washington Capitals. Need to get Alexander Semin healthy.

23. Toronto Maple Leafs. A fragile group at home.

24. New York Rangers. Should have kept Michael Nylander.

25. New Jersey Devils. Patrick Elias hasn’t been the same since signing the big contract in the summer of 2006.

26. Edmonton Oilers. Might be a long year but the kids are fun to watch.

27. Florida Panthers. Whatever happened to Richard Zednik?

28. Nashville Predators. Who’s No. 1? Dan Ellis or Chris Mason?

29. Atlanta Thrashers. It’s a big hole to dig out of.

30. Phoenix Coyotes. Alex Auld appears to have won the No. 1 goalie job.

Copyright The Canadian Press

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E. Zack Lee